The Dilemma…

Ever since I can remember, I had always planned to become a teacher when I grew up. From the time that they began discussing career options and telling us we would eventually have  to choose something, I chose teaching. But then, when I entered my senior year of high school and began to have to identify the major I would like to choose, I had a somewhat difficult time. You see, after speaking with the teacher that I idolized and envisioned becoming one day and having her tell me that if I had any other inkling at all other than education I should pursue that instead…things became fuzzy. I was a 17 year old who loved learning about everything under the sun, who was on the cusp of having to decide the rest of her life, and who had developed many interests and passions whilst in high school. I started to think that maybe there were other things….I had worked on the school literary magazine and loved that, and I had spearheaded the Writer’s Block reading group, where students could come talk to students who felt confident in their writing abilities and prowess and get their papers edited. Not only that, but when I told people I planned to major in English they always sneered and mocked that the only thing I could ever do was teach and be poor. So, because of all of that, I decided to switch course a bit. And while I loved learning all that I have, and thoroughly enjoyed editing and design…I realized that it is not something that I want to do exclusively for the rest of my life. After working as a writing tutor, my passion for teaching was reignited and I knew that I could never be fully satisfied with any job that did not include helping struggling writers find their voice. So, I am currently a bit…floaty. It is difficult to realize that what you thought you wanted was never what you wanted, but what others told you that you should want. So, that’s my current dilemma.


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