Previous Editing Work

For my editing internship I was a tutor at the Reading and Writing Center at the Florida State University. I worked 4 hours/credit hour a week, seeking 3 credit hours. I am a Senior at FSU, studying Editing Writing and Media, and love to help others discover or hone their passion for reading and writing.

The writing center aims to help student writers be comfortable and confident as they navigate college-level writing and discover their own unique voice as a writer.  I learned from my students that there are a multitude of ways to approach writing and that no two writers have the same style, system, approach, or voice. I also learned a lot about students who felt that they “weren’t good at writing,” and I worked to help them find ways to become more confident. I worked often with students who admitted to me that they felt uncomfortable because of their learning disabilities or because English was not their primary language, and discovered how to approach and discuss writing in ways that would make sense and stay with them better.

Caitlin has completed an internship with FSU’s Reading/Writing Center. She has helped almost 200 students with their writing.


To see her work, view her editing portfolio.