Work Experience

The FSU Reading/Writing Center

Spring 2016-present

  • As a tutor in the RWC, it is my responsibility to aid students with writing and reading comprehension during our sessions. Students come in during any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to revising, and we assess the needs of the student and help guide them through their writing process. The RWC’s primary goal is helping emerging writers find their voice and feel comfortable when writing.

  • We primarily act as a sounding board for new ideas, and as a guide to help them stay on task. We also have a great deal of students who come in for help with grammar, so we help them identify areas of grammatical weakness within their papers and explain why it is incorrect and offer suggestions to change the issue as well as tools to better identify the issues on their own in the future.

  • There are also a great number of ELL/ESL students who come in for help, and we try to give them tools to feel more comfortable and confident when writing in the future. We also try to give them devices to help them identify recurring issues that we see in their writing and address them on their own.

A Tree Grows in My Mind  Literary Magazine 
Staff member from August 2009-May 2012
Graphic Designer/Editor from August 2012-May 2013

  • My responsibilities included designing the layout, acting as liaison between the organization and the printing company, delegating funds and organizing fundraisers, corresponding with the writers and artists for editing and permissions purposes, responding to ideas from staff and reconciling with design of magazine, ensuring that members attended meetings regularly and had completed assigned tasks, and advertising and campaigning for students to submit work and/or buy a copy of the magazine.

The Kudzu Review – FSU Undergraduate Literary Magazine

Poetry Editing Assistant (Fall 2014, Spring 2015)

Design Team (Fall 2015)

  • The Kudzu Review is a collection of undergraduate literary and artistic works that highlight the creative talent of FSU students. I worked as a poetry editor for this magazine, and helped in selecting and improving submissions for print. I also created posters to advertise the club, worked with the design editor for 3 issues, and went to classes to created interest and awareness.

Swatch Magazine
Staff Writer/Art Director

Fall 2015

  • I worked on the Fall 2015 edition of the FSU student fashion magazine, Swatch. I learned how to write in a journalistic style and meet deadlines, as well as how to have work edited by a superior in order to conform to the aesthetic of the organization. I also worked as a design consultant, and would have weekly assignments that included created promotional posters, sample advertisements, and sample page layouts. We also worked on how to remediate articles, ads, and spreads created for print and put them onto the online blog.

FSU Mortar Board National Senior Honor Society
Member/Secretary/Membership Chair

Fall 2014-Spring 2016

  • Mortar Board is a national honor society that recognizes college seniors for distinguished ability and achievement in scholarship, leadership, and service. The purpose of Mortar Board is to promote equal opportunities among all peoples and to establish the opportunity for a meaningful exchange of ideas as individuals and as a group.

  • My responsibilities included making sure the members were kept up to date with all events, keeping in contact with members and answering any emails, sending reminders of events and meetings, and taking minutes. I was also responsible for sending out emails to the thousands of potential new members, gathering the board members to go through applications to decide on the next class, informing those who were selected and those who were not, hosting the official “tapping” ceremony, and then hosting the new member induction. It was also my responsibility to send all membership paperwork in to headquarters on time.

The Florida State Flying High Circus
Production Crew- Light Board Operator
Fall 2013- present

  • The FSU Circus is possible only through the commitment of its student volunteers. As a member of the production team, it is my responsibility to ensure that everything for the show is in its place and safe for both performers and patrons, and that the show can run smoothly for the enjoyment of the audience.

  • I work primarily with lighting, which includes setting light bars and cans, placing gels, adjusting special effects like strobe and gobos, and working the light board throughout show (which can also mean adjusting in a split second when something malfunctions during show).

Uptown Café and Catering                                                    hrs/wk: 30 hrs
September 2014- present

  • My responsibilities include greeting guests in a friendly and welcoming manner, maintaining sections and communication with and between servers, serving guests with a friendly and helpful disposition, working the counter and answering phone calls, providing efficient and consistent service to all guests,  maintaining a clean dining area and busing tables, and assisting wherever needed.

FSU Bookstore                                                                                          hrs/wk: 25 hrs
November 2015-January 2016

  • I worked the rush period at the student bookstore on campus as a cashier.  The store saw a massive influx of students as they came in to buy textbooks within the first few weeks of school. We worked as greeters, cashiers, and stockers to create the most efficient and helpful environment in the chaotic time.

Currently studying at:

Florida State University

Seeking a degree in English- Editing, Writing, & Media with a minor in Psychology (B.A.)

Cumulative GPA: 3.94

Honors: Dean’s List (Fall 2013,Spring 2014, Spring 2016, Fall 2015);

              President’s List (Fall 2014, Spring 2015)

Previously studied at:

Pensacola High School- International Baccalaureate Program

GPA: 4.32 (weighted)/ 3.87 (un-weighted)

Honors: AP Scholar and IB Diploma Recipient